J. Louise Newton, MSW, LCSW, SEP

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supervision for students and Lcswa clinicians

emerging colleagues

I hope that you will find, as I have, that bearing witness to others' challenges and successes is highly rewarding work. I prioritize supporting colleagues and fellow clinicians as much as I do clients in their goals for growth and clinical development. As an emerging clinician I was fortunate to acquire mentors and supervisors who are clinical leaders in their fields. I have provided area field instruction on the undergraduate and master's level for several Social Work programs and have been providing supervision and direction to clinical interns for over 10 years. I have also served as the clinical supervisor for folks pursuing their full LCSW licensure and excel in assisting LCSWAs with organizing and completing their paperwork for deadlines and application requirements. If you are interested in becoming a GSDS Initiative intern or are looking for post-graduate clinical supervision please do be in touch.  I am happy to be a resource and support to you on any level.

Clinical training and continuing education

Developing your practice

Since 2002 I have been leading workshops with providers, administrators, and change agents on an intersection of clinical issues. Offering continuing education at statewide AHEC sites, university settings, national conferences, and for non-profit organizations, I am available to provide in-service trainings with CEUS for clinical social workers, practicing counselors, and psychologists. I offer case consultation and in-service trainings on the following topics:

-Best Practices in working with LGBTQQIA Clients

-Community Organizing: Building Visibility with Queer Communities

-Queer Addiction & Queer Recovery

-Queer Youth in Schools

-Transgender 101 for a variety of settings

-PTSD and Gender Responsive Treatment

-Trauma Reactions: Risk Factors and Resiliency Factors for Developing PTSD

-Special Considerations for LGBTQQIA Clients and working with Trauma

-Vicarious Trauma, Burnout and Burn-in

-Incidence of Co-occurring Addictions and Trauma Experiences

-Advanced Understandings of Mental Health for Support Staff and Administrators

Psychotherapy for mental health providers

the parallel process

Providing mental health treatment on any level can both inspire and fatigue providers. If you work as a case manager, psychotherapist, program administrator, alternative healing practitioner, or graduate student you may find that the clients you come into contact with will remind you of yourself or people that you love. Triggering interactions can provide us with difficult and pertinent information about our own needs. While it is never our client's jobs to direct our own healing, our work can teach us in profound ways. As a client of psychotherapy myself, I have learned that I prefer my therapist to respect me as colleague and understand that balancing my clinical work with my own wellness goals is a must. I specialize in providing support for vicarious traumatization and burnout. I also have clinical experience in working with EMS professionals, medical residents, massage therapists, and other providers who come into regular contact with people in crisis. By building on your strengths as a provider, together we can help you find a sustainable balance so you can enjoy your work and cement your own wellness goals. 

​​treating trauma, addictions, and adult mental health needs   

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